Was I a victim of injustice and abuse! Am I still a victim?

Please help me! I need a godly, biblical answer to this question!  So, I am definitely not asking for your opinion!  Just asking to whom it may concern,  what does God declare about my issue and what should be done about it?  Please be careful…as I open myself up!  I am addressing the church as a whole, since there is no board to go to for help!  And, if you are a believer in Christ, this affects you as it affects the entire body of Christ.

First of all, the word abuse carries a lot of weight, so I want to define the term, give my evidence and ask the Christian public, if, in fact, my case is one of abuse and injustice. The reason I am going public is based on the command in scripture to bring sin out publicly, with witnesses! For the purpose of repentance at all levels of injustice and sinful behavior, including leadership!

So, the simple definition for abuse is… to misuse! The second definition is to treat a person or animal with cruelty.  Simple, yet profoundly significant in it’s application! And responsibility before God!

For abuse to be established, the proper use or purpose of the alleged victim must be settled and applied! And, the responsibility of the alleged perpetrator must be established! So, my intent is to take the time and investment necessary to communicate my evidence of this matter in full! This might take a few posts! But, in light of the implications before God and for the sake of our witness as the church, I must bring this out fully. To be continued…!



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