The First Casualty of War

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Truth often eludes even those who seek diligently for it. But we live in a society that no longer seeks truth, that can think of no reason to seek it, and that mocks those rare individuals who do seek it. What do people value more than truth? What is truth’s replacement? The opposite of truth is falsehood, but people don’t love falsehood—at least not directly. Perhaps, some people wish something to be true so much that they deceive themselves or allow themselves to be deceived to enjoy the illusion for a time. But no one likes… Continue reading The First Casualty of War

Husbands Who Love Like Christ and the Wives Who Submit to Them | Desiring God Continue reading Husbands Who Love Like Christ and the Wives Who Submit to Them | Desiring God

Equal Responsibility? Equal Accountability?

My question is concerning standards.  Who sets them and who is responsible to uphold them?  And, how is it done?  And, what is the basis?  Can God’s standards be applied in the world?  These questions are the premise for what everything in a society is based upon and I am urgently and diligently seeking foundations to stand upon.  My question is addressed to believers in Christ for they will have the final authority in Christ. With purpose and commitment to rebuilding strong foundations, I encourage us to fully seek the Lord, concerning His word and go back to the blueprints upon … Continue reading Equal Responsibility? Equal Accountability?

Appealing To Honor

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Is Chivalry Godly? ? In the times we live in, culture, society and the church (in general) is living under an ideology that a man is not in charge or responsible for his wife and family’s well-being. ?It is not stated in those words, but prevailing thought and actions have bombarded the airwaves and culture in such a way as to justify, explain away, dismiss or ignore that a man’s wife and family reflect on him as the “fixer”, one-person head or “saviour, and sanctifier?of his bride and therefore, his household. ?Before I go further in… Continue reading Appealing To Honor

For Men Only

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Validate Her Voice This is my very first attempt to open up in a public way and be vulnerable and transparent at the risk of being misunderstood, rejected or even disdained publicly!   Not that I haven’t experienced all of that before, just not in the way that I might be setting myself up for now! My intention is very specific, but broad in scope, so I don’t have any idea what I am getting myself into! So, let me state my intentions!  I  want to open dialogue from my self and possibly other women that… Continue reading For Men Only